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Gold Stars Painting is small business family owed and operated by brothers. We been in the painting business since 2002 working with our father as paint helpers. After our father retired from the painting business We took over since, but no before we learn all that is involved in the trade. So we know all about been a painter and doing things right. 

Articles – The painting industry is one of the most competitive here in Texas. So we know is hard to find a good, reliable and most of all trusted worthy  company that can executed the project you have on time matter. We always think about this, how can Gold Stars can stand in front of all them. Number one is always be honest to our clients and respect there decision regardless if there choose you or not for the job. Because, honestly speaks a lot,  we care to build relationships rather them just make a quick buck. 

Mission and goals – We are always to deliver quality workmanship in all our jobs. And we do this by been involved in the job and running it from start to finish. We take proud of what we do and we are happy to said that we love to paint. When we paint, we do it for the passion of the trade.

Company policies – Gold Stars is one small and operated business and we mean this. By telling you we are not "SUB CONTRACTORS," besides our small crew, We don't hired out any of our jobs to a third party painting company. 

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Gold Stars is also member of Arlington Chamber of commerce and  BBB and a proud supporter of Little People of America.

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